Overall work Experience | More than 3 years

My professional career started off as a Project Manager with a design consulting firm (CKS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.). I was in-charge of the whole research process right from the research proposal creation to the final report presentation to the client. During my tenure at CKS Consulting Pvt. Ltd., I transformed from an academician to a learned professional. How to effectively communicate in a corporate environment was the primary achievement. Also, I experienced the practical side of Qualitative research which is quiet different from the academically learned research methodology. The field research protocols are to be modified & designed according to the space & time constraints set by respective clients. How to make ethnography actionable in such an environment was a learning experience. I was able to meet the deadlines, and expectations from the client.

Thereafter, I shifted to Nokia as a Trends Specialist. This was a jump to the bigger & more real corporate world. My primary job responsibilities there included liaising with the research agencies carrying out Qualitative / Trends research for Nokia & transforming the results hence obtained into actionable opportunities for Nokia. Stakeholder engagement was an important part of my job, and thus I was able to further improve my communication skills. I was promoted as a Futures Analyst keeping in eye my analytical abilities & lateral thinking. I also learned as to how to conduct team workshops & be a facilitator. Because of the nature of the job, I had to travel to various locations internationally for workshops, agency meetings & stakeholder engagements. This made me work with teams from different locations, and cultures. I managed to work effectively & efficiently with cross-cultural teams.

After Nokia, I started working as a Freelance research consultant from my base location, Chandigarh, India. For the last year and a half, I have been working with various companies for their qualitative research projects. Depending on the workload for a particular project, I hire trained researchers (trained by me), to share the workload. I undertake projects for complete research process, from designing the research to carrying out the field research & then analysis, and also for research protocol moderation as per the needs of the client.

I combine my academic & professional learnings to formulate new & innovative research methodologies along with specialized analysis tools like scenarios, consumer case & persona development.